Sep 11, 2009

Daily Steal Offer

Every 24 hrs you will find a new deal, sometimes it is completely free ,you just have to pay shipping charges.Here you can find very good deals.

daily steal

Cheap & Free Photos

What do you need to look for on your end to ensure you get a good deal?

Check the shipping charges and alternatives!

Many of the sites have free or almost free charges if you are available to pick the photos up at a local store. If you are going to be out and about anyway, this essentially can make the photos completely free or very close. If you absolutely have to pay their shipping charges, divide that cost into the number of photos you are ordering so you can get your per photo cost.

Check for coupon codes!

I will post coupon codes for free items or shipping on this page as soon as I come across them. I will post the coupon code over the advertisement. If you don't find what you need here, check Retail Me Not to see if you can find anything else. Finally, if you still can't find a coupon code you need, consider doing a generic search online with the name of the Photo company, and the word coupon, promotion code, or something along those lines. And, finally the word free.

Then, upload those photos, order and enjoy!