Sep 13, 2009

Helping coupons

My budget helping coupon last week was

Free 99cents card at Hallmark

Print this coupon and bring it to any Hallmark store.

Two tables for 10$ original 80$

Guess what guys!
I went to Kohl's day before yesterday to buy some stuff for my baby, just browsing the clearance section, i found a very beautiful table which was 7$ in sale and original price was 40$. I bought that, on checkout they asked my email address and the other day i got 5$off coupon from them in my inbox. i went again there and bought the other pair of that table with 5$off coupon, so in the end both tables cost me 10 bucks which was actually 80$. The salesman was also surprised on my deal.
And now i have placed those tables as side tables with my black couch.
Isn't it a good deal.