Sep 20, 2009

My Last Week Savings Summary

I bought 3 very stylish tops from Sears for 70 cents which cost originally 80$. Thanks to weekend sale at sears and 10$ off coupon.
A free photoshoot + 10 by 13 size portrait for free.
Two pair of shoes for six dollars after 85% off sale @ Sears.
Bought 3 dresses for my daughter for 5 bucks which was originally 47$ from target.
From Maceys weekend sale and 10$ off coupon i spent 14$ + 7$ on a formal dress which was originally 48$ and a necklace which was originally 100$. I bought a pair of branded shoes cost 60$ just for 15bucks.
Dillards sale helped me buying a pair of shoes which was 69$ for 18$.
There are alot of things which makes my list more elaborate .But in the end i will just say that wise decisions and patience for the right time is the key to shopping.