Nov 11, 2009

My Savings Update

I had very busy schedule last month because of shopping and buying gifts for family. But thanks to Coupons and weekend sales i saved alot.
The list of things i bought from Maceys, Kohls, World Market ,Office depot , searsEtc
I used 10$ off coupon in sears for three times and bought 10 dresses for 3 dollars, which was infact tax, because all of them were free after coupon and originally they were 129$.
Last week i had to buy bowls for Dips and i got a coupon for worldmarket 5$ off ,so i went there and found 6 beautiful corningware bowls in red color, payed just 17 $ for 6 bowls and 3 scarfs.

From Maceys bought five shirts of nautica, dockers and kennethcole for 50 dollars originally each shirt costs 50$.
From Kohls with the help of coupon i bought from clearance section cutlery including food network knives and forks for 5 dollars and original price was 58$. then ninewest handbag for 10$ original was 60$.

Office depot has very good sale goingon includes stationary items for 1$ originally its 20$. i bought alot of letterpads,postads, pencil cases and printing papers ,all for 15$.
Sometimes we find a very reasonable things in the clearance section. Don;t forget to watch the clearance site of each shop. Try to save money for your future you never know what is hiden in our future for us.
Takecare and Enjoy My Collection of Coupons.

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